Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Anti-Piracy site

Please check out Jen Strange's great reference site:  StopPiracy -- Jen has been addressing this issue to digital scrappers since 2006


  1. Don't know where else to bring this - did a search for Copics on ebay and found this:

  2. Thank you so much for reporting that!! I just passed the info on to the group of participating companies and we're going to try to get Hanglar Stanglar involved :)

    xoxo! Mo

  3. I don't see a problem with letting my sister borrow one of my rubber stamps to make a card for a friend. However if she was going to mass produce and sell the cards under the angel policy I would advise her to buy her own. I love Magnolia Stamps, and they have an angel policy so If I choose to sell a card I make with it, I would just label it as stamped and colored by me and copyrighted image by Magnolia. If people would just follow the laws it would make everything easier. I don't think anyone would agree that stamping the stamp on several pieces of paper and then selling them that way is acceptable and that should be stopped. That is out right theft. But I don't think their is a crafter around who hasn't borrowed a stamp from a friend to make a particular card one time. I am not going to purchase a stamp that I will only use once. In fact I don't buy any cricut carts that my sister has and she doesn't buy any that I have. Is that theft? I don't think so.

  4. I agree with you! It's fine to lend your rubber stamp out -- it's like lending a book out. Only one person has the stamp (or book) at a time so you're being "fair". :)