What can I do to help?

What can I do to help?
  • Pass the word! Let others know you support STAMP OUT by placing the STAMP OUT Stamp Thieves logo on your blog and link back to this page!
  • If you think you see stolen art and know who the artist or stamp company who owns it is PLEASE CONTACT THE ARTIST to let them know. They will be able to tell you whether it is in fact a violation of their copyright.
  • Leave a polite comment on the blog where you see images being shared illegally and let them know they have been reported. Bloggers all love attention - unless it's negative attention.
  • Be very careful when you download black and white images from the Internet. If you ever see a well known contemporary artist's work - you can bet your life they did not sanction their art to become an eternal freebie available to the entire wired world. Please, if at all possible -- email the artist to alert them.
  • Help educate people who don't know about artist's rights to their work by telling them what you know.
  • Do not share or swap Digital files EVER. Do not share or swap stamped pages unless you have WRITTEN PERMISSION from the owner to do a limited swap. This goes for all those "Pay it Forward" swaps -- they are illegal without permission.
  • Be proud that you support an artist's right to earn money from their craft! Whether you're a Fan, Shop Owner, Crafting Company or Artist, grab one of these icons and place it on your blog or website with a link this page.

A very helpful blog for artists and other creatives: